How to Avoid a Hangover When You're Already Drunk

How to Avoid a Hangover When You’re Already Drunk

Have you recently been to the Bachelor’s party and wake up in the morning finding yourself all occupied with the hangover? If yes, then you don’t have to worry, we have the remedy for your hangover headache.

Step-by-Step Guide to avoid a hangover headache

How to Avoid a Hangover When You're Already Drunk

  •  The first step to avoid Hangover is to have a moderate intake of the Alcohol, in short, drink under your limit.
  • The Second step to avoid Hangover after binge drinking is to drink plenty of water. The more you drink water, the less are the chances of a Hangover. It is advisable to drink pure in between drinks, and have at least one big glass of water before going to sleep.
  • The third step to avoid a hangover headache is to have a lot of sleep. If you don’t have enough sleep after drinking alcohol, then the probability of having the Hangover increases proportionally. Make sure you do have a good sleep after the last night celebration.
  • The Fourth step to avoid a hangover is to eat a healthy Breakfast as you wake up (3-4 boiled eggs or Half fried egg will do the work). Heavy Breakfast full nutritional diet is a key to avoiding hangover.

feeling good after the binge drinking

  • The fifth step to avoid a hangover is to have an intake of Supplements. Inflammation is the process to repair the damage tissues of the body, When you are drunk, your tissues started to get damaged. Intake of Supplements strengthen your body tissues and avoid a massive hangover.
  • The Sixth step to avoid hangover to eat honey. Eat a piece of toast with lots of honey. The Fructose level in the honey will neutralize the alcohol level in the stomach and gives you relief.
  • The Seventh step to avoid a  hangover is to drink olive oil. The fattiness inside the olive oil will power up your tissues. (Dip a piece of bread in the Olive oil).
  • The Eighth step to avoid a hangover is to have a glass of lemonade in the morning.

In case you are in hurry!

Key points to Remember

Drink plenty of water, lot of sleep, Healthy Breakfast, Intake of Supplements, Eat Honey, Drink Olive oil.

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