Author Durjoy Datta launched his New Novel The Boy Who Loved

Author Durjoy Datta launched his New Novel “The Boy Who Loved”

Famous Indian Author Durjoy Datta launched his New Novel “The Boy Who Loved”: Hello guys, there is a GOODNEWS for all the book lovers and this one specially belongs to the fans of Durjoy Datta, the best-selling author of Romance Category.

On 04 April 2017, Durjoy Dutta officially released his upcoming novel, The Boy Who Loved, via Facebook, though the cover of the book has not been updated as he as asked his fans to helped him out for the same.

Cover: The Boy who Loved by Durjoy Datta

In case you don’t follow the best-selling author in Romance Category, Here’s what Durjoy Datta shared on Facebook.

The News of his latest release on facebook goes viral in 5 hours and the comments started to flow in immense number. If you are one of Durjoy Datta’s fan, then you should join the discussion on facebook on his official facebook page.

Short Summary Of “The boy Who Loved” by Durjoy Datta

The only thing you cannot plan in life is when and who to fall in love with . . .

Raghu likes to show that there is nothing remarkable about his life—loving, middle-class parents, an elder brother he looks up to and plans to study in an IIT. And that’s how he wants things to seem—normal.

Deep down, however, the guilt of letting his closest friend drown in the school’s swimming pool gnaws at him. And even as he punishes himself by hiding from the world and shying away from love and friendship, he feels drawn to the fascinating Brahmi—a girl quite like him, yet so different. No matter how hard Raghu tries, he begins to care . . . Then life throws him into the deep end and he has to face his worst fears.

Very similar to all of his novels, Durjoy Datta carved the story of “The Boy Who Loved”  very beautifully on the theme of love. He truly understands his audience and knows what to deliver to retain the tag of Best selling author in Romance category.

The end plot of the book, the boy who loved is a must to look for the readers which decide, Will love be strong enough to pull him out?

Important Point

The Boy Who Loved, first of a two-part romance, is warm and dark, edgy and quirky, wonderfully realistic and dangerously unreal.

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